Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Fingers Spread Her Pussy

This weekend I received a text messages on my cell phone. I don't text anybody so I just assumed it was going to be spam. To my surprise, it was a picture of a woman's pussy. Two female fingers were spreading apart the lips.

It was a pretty graphic image. At first I was confused as to why someone would send something so vulgar but then I realized something. I recognized that pussy. It belonged to that Korean women I met at the 'Dark Mare.' For whatever reason, one of the two girls had sent me a picture of Mi-hi's pussy.

I had a feeling that it wasn't Mi-hi's idea. I think about the taller woman and the way she seemed completely in charge. I think it was her idea to send me that picture. I don't know if she is taunting me, or maybe she is sending me a thank you picture for my participation in their game. I haven't been back to that bar since, so maybe it was an award for obeying her. I have plenty of theories but no answers.

I thought about texting back but I didn't. I'll let them make the next move. In the meantime, I have a nice tiny memento for my cell phone.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Going Down

Ms. Nuit had a new torment for me. She was in the hall outside my apartment this morning. When she saw me, she pulled me over to the service elevator. We stepped in and she knelt before my pants.

She unzipped me and my hard cock was waiting for her. Ms. Nuit took my cock in hand and pointed it at her lips.

"No one will stop the service elevator till we hit the ground floor," she said. "You have until then to come in my mouth."

I groaned. "And if I don't?"

"Then you don't come," she said. "Push the button."

I leaned over her and pressed the button for the ground floor. The elevator shook and Ms. Nuit slid my cock into her waiting lips. Her teeth grazed me as she sucked down every inch.

I had hoped that she would suck me with your usual fury. Instead, Ms. Nuit sucked my cock very slowly. Her tongue licked the underside of my cock in a lazy manner like she was licking candy. I knew better than to try to thrust. All I could do was stand as still as possible while Ms. Nuit took her time tasting me.

The numbers flashed on the elevator panel. They counted down without stop to the end of my blowjob. I wanted to come. I wanted to shoot everything I had down Ms. Nuit's throat. Actually, I wanted to shoot onto her face. I wanted to see my come on her dark face.

Ms. Nuit kept sucking. My cock was engulfed by her mouth. I looked down and past my cock was the dark valley of her breasts. It occurred to me that I had never sucked on her nipples.

I could feel my orgasm building. It was growing slowly but I could feel that blissful surge coming. I think it was the pressure that was turning me on. Or the idea that my cock was right at the back of Ms. Nuit's throat. I was going to choke her with my seed. I was going to beat her bet.

The elevator stopped. Ms. Nuit pulled my cock out and I moaned with disappointment. The tip of my cock was inches from her face. I swear, just one more lick and I would have exploded.

"You'll have to work on that," Ms. Nuit said. She put my cock back in my pants and zipped me up.

"Now get out of my elevator," she said.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Dark Mare

Last night I wanted to do something different. There are all of these bars near where I live but since I rarely drink, there didn't seem much reason to go hang out there. It had been a slow day at work and I wanted some sort of excitement. What's the point of living in Atlantica if I don't actually see Atlantica?

I stopped at the first bar that caught my eye. It was called 'Dark Mare'. The neon sign was showed a girl in a cowboy hat. To be honest I thought it might be a strip club.

The inside was what I expected. It was very cowboy cheesy. Ropes, saddles and pictures of cowboys hung on the walls. Bull horns were every where. The color scheme was yellow and brown. Sawdust covered the floor.

It would have been redneck heaven except for one little detail: it was filled with Koreans. It was bizarre. I think there might have been one or two other white people and they all sat alone. As for the Koreans, they were mostly women. They sat in groups, talking at a low whisper among themselves. There was no music, which made it the quietest bar I have ever seen.

I should have left but I was intrigued. There is a large Korean population in Atlantica but they are mostly centered on the south side of town. Other than an Asian food market, this was the largest group I had seen. And I had never seen so many Korean women. I wanted to see more.

I sat down at a table. A waitress silently took my order. She brought my drink without saying anything and I began to think I was making a mistake by coming here. I sipped my drink and hoped the alcohol would help me relax.

The women around me whispered to each other. I looked around the bar and tried to figure it out. There was no music. There was a small stage with a karaoke machine but no one ever went to it. Small booths without tables were in the back, but the lights over there are were turned off. If it wasn't for the beautiful exotic women around me, I would have left without finishing my drink.

Two women came up to me. The taller girl was giggling but the taller oner was very serious. They looked like they were college students with their bright t-shirts and black shorts. They had identical haircuts with their black hair framing both sides of their face.

"Come," the taller girl said. She picked up my drink and both girls walked away.

My heart leaped. Did I just get picked up? I followed them but I got worried as I saw they were heading towards the back. I saw that the booths were angled so that people in the bar couldn't see the people in the booths. For a moment, I was afraid that I was being lead to some sort of robbery.

The taller girl pointed at one side of the booth. "Sit," she said. She sat down opposite me, still holding my drink. She sipped from it and shared it with her friend. They didn't offer me any.

"Hi," I said. There was no table to hide behind. I sat with my hands on my knees, not sure what to do with them. "My name is Dwayne," I offered.

"Mi-oh," the giggler said.

"Mi-hi," the taller one said. I wasn't sure if she was correcting her friend, or making some sort of joke.

"This is a pretty odd place," I said. I was trying to make conversation.

They said nothing. The giggler finished my drink.

"Do you girls live around here?" I asked.

They didn't anwser. The taller one looked at me while her friend took out her cell phone. The giggler checked something while the tall one just kept looking at me.

"Take out your cock," the tall one finally said.

"Excuse me?" I said. I heard her perfectly in the quiet bar but I wanted to hear it again.

"Unzip your pants," she said, like she was talking to a mentally disabled person. "And show us your cock. You have one, right?"

The giggler laughed.

I looked at the rest of the bar. No one was even looking in our direction.

Why not?

I unzipped my pants. I pulled them down to my thighs. My boxers are pretty loose so I was able to just pull my cock through the slit. I was hard.

There was a flash and I realized the giggler had taken a picture of my cock with her cell phone. I jumped and covered myself.

"No!" the taller girl said. "Keep it out."

She turned to the giggler and said something harsh and mean in Korean. The giggler stopped laughing and nodded submissively. I heard the click of the cell phone as the camera took another picture, this time without the flash.

I removed my hand. This was so weird, but so very hot.

The taller girl pumped her fist in an obscene way. I realized she was giving me an order. I stroked my cock.

She nodded with approval and said something in Korean. The giggler gave her the cell phone and then unzipped her own pants. She pulled down her shorts all the way to her ankles. There was no underwear. I could see her smooth sex, completely lacking in hair.

"Dwayne," the taller girl said.

"Yes?" I asked. I kept stroking. I wasn't going to stop till she told me to.

"Mi-hi," she said, pointing to the giggler's pussy.

I didn't understand. I am not sure I needed to. The one giving orders started to stroke Mi-hi's pussy. Or maybe Mi-hi was the pussy. I don't know. All I know is the one girl started to masturbate the pussy of the other girl while I kept stroking my cock. I'm pretty sure that is all I needed to know.

While the taller girl was busy stroking her friend, the friend was looking right at me. Her brown eyes flitted between my pumping cock and my face. Her lips opened as she panted. Color spread across her cheeks, making her face red like she was being slapped. She wasn't giggling now.

Meanwhile, the one in charge was ignoring me. She had three fingers buried in Mi-hi's pussy. She was finger fucking her very hard, not so much stroking as much as jabbing that smooth sex. Her fingers glistened with Mi-hi's desire. I groaned as I realized that desire was caused in part by me.

Mi'hi had her camera again. She pointed it at me as I pumped my cock. She took pictures and I felt my cock grow harder. She pointed it at her own sex and took pictures of the furious fucking she was receiving. I thought about those pictures meeting in her cell phone. I might not get to touch her, but my cock was side by side with her pussy in her photo album.

She stopped taking pictures when she climaxed. She stared at my face as she trembled from head to toe. Mi-hi made these odd little sounds, like little tiny chirps.

"ah,ah,ah,ah," she cheeped.

"Mi-oh," she moaned when the taller girl pulled her fingers out.

I climaxed. I think it was the fear that they were going to make me stop that made me come. I wanted to climax before they could say anything. I wanted to climax while I still had Mi-hi's pussy still in front of me.

My semen flew from me. It landed on the floor between us. The two women looked at it with such disinterest. I really felt they could care less.

"Pull your pants up," the taller one said. She said something in Korean to Mi-hi and she did the same thing. My cock was still sensitive and hard but I managed to pull my pants back up.

"Give me your phone," the taller one said.

I didn't hesitate. She took my phone and Mi-hi's. She did something with both our phones but she didn't explain it to me. Mi-hi kept looking at me, a pleasant sleepy smile on her face. I felt like we had fucked.

She gave my phone back to me. "Leave here now," she said.

"What?" I said. "Did I do something wrong?"

An ugly scowl crossed her face. "Just go, now! Leave the bar. Don't come back to the bar, ever!"

I didn't know what to say. Then again, I didn't know anything about what had happened. I got up and on unsteady legs, walked out of there.

I went home. I thought about Mi-hi's sex being fucked by the mean Korean woman. I thought about my own cock inside that smooth sex.

I have so much to jack off to.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Affairs

I spent the weekend doing work. I took home a bunch of brassieres and worked on them in the quiet of my apartment. It can be freeing sometime to work without interruptions from customers.

I spread the brassieres all through out the apartment. Bright color cups kept me company. In the kitchen I hung two red lace brassieres while a rainbow of C-cups hung in the living room. I had an expensive black satin brassiere that I kept in the bathroom. They were all tattered and worn, hanging until I plucked them and repaired them at the small table I worked at. When they were repaired, I would carefully put them back in the work bag.

For the bedroom, I hung a yellow pair of gigantic cups that belonged to Mrs. Avfyra. I hung them from the top corner of the closet door. The apple scent from her bosom filled my small bedroom.

At night I would lay in my bed looking at them. I could picture the massive breasts that filled them. I could see the fold of the fabric where her nipple stresses the fabric. In the morning, the early sunlight would bathe the room in orange light and I could easily imagine Mrs. Avfyra's golden red hair falling about her breasts.

When I gripped my cock I could imagine how those breasts must taste. When I stroked myself, I could imagine how hot Mrs. Avfyra's breasts would feel wrapped around my cock. When I climaxed, I could imagine Mrs. Avfyra's laughing lips catching my come.

I repaired her bra last.

Friday, July 11, 2008

It Wasn't A Whisper

I saw the window cleaner last night. They come out at night, scrambling up on their scaffolds to clean the windows that only they can reach. In the middle of the night, I will awaken to the dull thud as one of their scaffolds bang against the glass.

Here's the crazy part: sometimes when I wake up, I can hear my name being called. I know that the glass and the walls are too think to hear anything from the city outside but still, I hear it. Only when Atlantica is is dead silent, but still I hear my name called.

Last night I couldn't sleep. It's been a busy week as everyone brought in their swimsuits to be repaired after the holiday. My fingers ache from all the stitching and I just couldn't settle down. I was awake in the darkness of my room. I had the shades open so I could see the city.

The scaffold came down around three in the morning. A thin waif of a girl scrubbed my window. I don't think she saw me. She was wearing an ugly jumpsuit that covered her body but her hair, oh my. Her hair was red and tied back in a ponytail. Maybe it was the city lights, but her hair was like fire in the darkness.

She cleaned my windows and I watched her. I was too afraid to move. I wondered if she was the one who said my name at night.

I had my anwser. She reached between her legs with the end of her scrub brush. Right outside my window, she humped her brush. Her legs braced wide, she rubbed against her brush as she leaned her head against the glass.

Her body shook. She stopped moving her hips and I heard her say my name, like a faint whisper. That's when I realized that it wasn't a whisper. It was a scream.

The window cleaner moved the scaffold down. I got up and looked at the glass. I could see where her head had sweated against the glass.

I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about her. The sun came up and I saw the smear of her sweat, the only proof that it wasn't a dream.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sick Day

I did as Ms. Nuit asked. I called in sick. I felt terrible lying to Mr. Everett but at the same time, I was so excited. I couldn't wait to find out how Ms. Nuit wanted her back payments. I pictured a long day of leisurely sucking.

I was wrong. I was right. I had no fucking idea.

I arrived at the management office at 6:45. She had told me seven, but I was taking no chances. I didn't want to anger her. I was too hard to risk anything.

She was there before me of course. So were the two other women who usually work in the office. They were dark like Ms. Nuit, and they all shared that same cruel smile. I think they might be related, perhaps they are her sisters or her cousins. They didn't have Ms. Nuit's ample breasts though.

When I saw the other women I was afraid that Ms. Nuit wouldn't want me there. I was wrong. She stood up and without saying anything, she grabbed me by my shirt collar and pulled me to the back of the office. She took me to a door where they keep office supplies and packages. There was a chair sitting in front of a small table. Ms. Nuit pulled me into the small room and my cock throbbed.

"Turn around," she ordered. As soon as I did, she slipped cloth over my eyes. It was a blindfold and I couldn't see a thing. Then she pulled down my pants. She pulled down my underwear and took off my shoes. She pushed me down so that I was sitting on the cold wooden chair.

Ms. Nuit took my hands and pulled them to the sides of the chair. Cold leather slipped around my wrists. I almost said something but I was too afraid. My hands were tied tight and I could barely move them. She did the same thing with my ankles, wrapping cold leather that held me tight to the chair.

I moaned.

"None of that," Ms. Nuit said. "They might hear you in the office. If any one hears you, I will open the door and show them what a pervert you are. You understand me?"

I nodded, silently.

She grabbed my cock. I bit my lip as her lips descended over my cock. I stifled my groans and tried to keep quiet while her tongue did danced on my cock. I couldn't see but I could feel her long hair falling over my lap. I could feel her breasts pressing against my knees. I could feel her sharp nails scratching my balls.

I came. I came in less than a minute. I was ashamed by how fast as I was, but I stayed quiet.

Ms. Nuit sucked until I was drained. Then she stood up and I heard the door open and close. She left me alone.

I sat with my wilting cock.

I don't know how long I sat.

Eventually, the door opened again. My cock came back to life. The footsteps were different. I don't know how I could tell, but there was a different person here. It was one of the office women.

I heard clothing being removed. I heard the table groan as someone climbed on top of it. I smelled the pussy, wet and ready to be worshiped.

A hand grabbed my hair and pulled me forward. My restraints pulled my arms painfully back as the insistent hand pulled my head to her sex. My shoulders hurt but I leaned forward. I leaned till my face was buried in pussy.

I ate. I licked. I dove my tongue into the pussy I was being offered. I did my best to devour her.

Her hand stayed on my head. My wrists burned from the restraints tugging me back. The hand wouldn't move though and that was okay. I was so hungry. I was dying of thirst and I was being quenched. I lapped like a dog at her sex.

I felt her come. Like me, she was making no sound but I could feel the spasm as I flicked her clitoris with my tongue. Her thighs clenched around my head and then released. Only then did her hand let me head go and I was able to sit back again.

The door opened and closed. I was left there with pussy juices on my face.

Time passed. My ass started to ache from sitting there so long. My cock was hard and there was nothing I could do about it.

The door opened again. My cock throbbed as I heard clothing being removed. I almost whined when I heard the groan of the table in front of me. I sighed as different hand pulled me forward into another pussy.

I licked again. My tongue was exhausted but I didn't care. My shoulders were aching but I kept eating. I drank every drop of desire and nibbled on every inch of her sex.

The unknown woman came. Her fingernails dug into the back of my head and I heard a series of gasps. Then the hand released and pushed me away. My cock was ignored as I heard her dress herself and go out.

Time passed.

Someone came in and sucked my cock. It was someone with small breasts but sharp teeth. She bit me constantly, going around my head with tiny bites. Finally she stopped biting and just jacked me. Her lips sealed over the tip of my tender cock as she pumped me. I shot my load into her mouth. She kept jacking me till I was drained.

They left and I wondered which of the office ladies it was. Could it have been the one next to the water color, the one with the closely cut hair and the dark red lipstick? Or was it the woman by the printer, the one with her hair pulled into a ponytail and bright smile?

Time passed.

The door opened again. This time I knew it was Ms. Nuit. She undressed slowly. I was so excited as I heard her climb onto the table. She grabbed my hair like she owned me and pulled down to her sex.

I was smothered in the bush of her pubic hair. The other girls were shaved but this sex was protected by a forest of perfumed hair. My tongue parted her hair and dived into her sex. The hand pulled me tighter, sealing her sex over my face. I struggled for air but the chair and the restraints made it impossible. Only when my tongue found a certain spot that made the woman grind in pleasure was I able to come up for air. My respite was always brief as I was always quickly pulled back down.

I nearly choked several times. I always kept licking though. I ate furiously, knowing that my only chance at survival was getting her off quickly. I licked with all my strength as she tried to suffocate me with her pussy.

She came. Both hands wrapped around my head and pinned me to her sex. I thought I was going to die. I wouldn't have minded.

She released me. I gasped loud for air, not caring who heard. I was so concerned about breathing, that I didn't realize she had dressed till I heard the door close again.

Time passed.

Someone walked in and untied my restraints. They left my blindfold on. They stood me up and walked me to the door. I started to moan, afraid that they were going to throw me out without my pants or underwear. They ignored my moans and guided me through the office. We walked onto cold tiles and someone held my penis.

"Piss," she said. I don't know who it was.

I couldn't.

"Piss, dumb ass," she said again.

I concentrated and managed to do it. She held my cock as I pissed into must have been the toilet. When I was done, she shook my cock and rubbed it with a wet cloth.

They guided me back to my chair. I felt so humiliated, I was happy to be restrained again. I was happy to be locked away in the supply closet.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was so terrified of repeating the bathroom trip that I was grateful for anything that happened. My cock was sucked until I came. My face was buried in pussy until they came. Over and over till my face was sticky with sex and my cock was empty.

"You can go now," Ms. Nuit said.

My hands were released. I had to release my ankles myself. Ms. Nuit stood there, looking bored as I found my underwear and pants. My arms and legs were sore but I kept moving. I almost cried when my underwear went around my sensitive abused cock.

"Am I caught up?" I asked.

Ms. Nuit laughed. "I'll let you know."

Monday, June 30, 2008

Late Payments

Ms. Nuit was waiting in the elevator. Her jacket was partially open. I could see those dark breasts that so much of my seed has touched but I never have. Today I could tell that her bra was blue.

"We had an arrangement," she said.

I nodded. "I haven't see you lately." It was true. When Gina was staying with me, Ms. Nuit seemed to disappear. Months went by and I never saw her. I thought she had become bored with me.

"That is not my problem," she said. She came over to me as the elevator rumbled downwards. She reached for my pants and grabbed the bulge that was growing there.

"You are behind on your payments," she hissed. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I would have given anything for both of us to be topless.

"when do you want me to make them up?" I asked.

"Right anwser," Ms. Nuit said. "Come by the office tomorrow morning, at 7 am."

I groaned. "I need to be at work by 8."

She squeezed my bulge painfully. "Call in sick that day. Call in sick, or you won't have a place to sleep tomorrow."

The elevator chime rang. She released my cock and stepped away from me. The doors opened and residents filed in. No one suspected a thing.

My cock has been hard all day long.