Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dark Cold Moons

"I was going to let you tit-fuck me," Ms. Nuit said.

I groaned and kept masturbating.

"I was going to suck your cock till it was slick enough to slide between my tits," my dark tormentor said.

I moaned and stroked faster.

She cupped my balls and squeezed. Nails sharper than tacks threatened my skin.

"Now I am not," she said.

I nodded. It was unfair. It was cruel. It wasn't my fault that the buses ran late today. It wasn't fair that I decided to eat dinner early before coming home. I didn't even know she would be here, sitting in my apartment waiting to give me these wonderful gifts. None of this was my fault but I agreed to her punishment. It was what I deserved.

I don't know how long Ms. Nuit had been inside my apartment waiting for me. When your apartment manager sneaks into your apartment for sex, it seems almost rude to ask her questions about her break-ins. I knew she had been here awhile because when I walked in the door, the apartment was already filled with her spicy perfume.

I also knew she was pissed by the way she tapped her foot but to be honest I wasn't thinking much about that. Ms. Nuit was sitting in the one chair I had in the apartment; a cheap piece of white plastic that seemed far too tawdry a piece of furniture for someone as refined as Ms. Nuit. Funny how she was sitting topless in the chair, but my first concern was that my chair wasn't good enough for her. I thought she was pissed because all I had for her was a chair I bought from IKEA.

"Come here, Dwayne," she said. "Do you like to keep me waiting?"

"No," I said. I almost said something about not knowing she was here but I kept quiet.

She looked at me. Ms. Nuit had to decide if the wait had ruined whatever she wanted to do. I took the chance to look at her. Every time she had sucked me off, she had kept her clothes on. Now she was sitting here with her blouse and bra neatly folded on the table beside her. her red and gold skirt was still on but that was okay. I could see her beautiful dark breasts and that is all I needed. They were perfect black moons and as pissed as she was, they were just as untouchable as the moon.

"Take off your pants," she commanded. Which is how I ended up stroking my cock in front of my merciless landlord. That is why she was slowly crushing my bails in a sharp nailed vise. This is why I was jacking my cock as fast as I could. I was just praying that I would come before she told me to stop.

This is why I was so damn hard.

Her fingers pulsed around my balls and I cried out from the sharp pain. "You could never afford a place like this without my permission," she said.

I nodded. Outside my window I could see the nighttime beauty of Atlantica. My face flushed with shame but I kept stroking.

"You live her because I find you useful," Ms. Nuit said.

"Yes," I groaned. I was so close. Her luscious tits were inches away from me. The dark jewels of her nipples looked as hard as my cock.

"Remember that," Ms. Nuit said although I could tell from her voice that she knew I never forgot it.

My legs shook from standing on the bus and now having to masturbate while standing before her. I stayed on my feet out of pure lust. Well, that and Ms. Nuit still had my balls in her grip. I could have stood there for a hundred years for her.

"Now come," she said.

It took me barely a minute. I cried out as I came. My seed flew from my cock and landed on her breasts. My white stream seemed to glow on her dark skin. I watched in fascination as I kept pumping. I pumped load after load onto her dark skin in a futile attempt to somehow touch those forbidden globes. I only stopped stroking when I knew I was completely finished.

The sharp fingernails dug into my balls and my cock ejected a few more drops.

Ms. Nuit released me. She stood up and her come-covered tits came so close to touching me.

"Help me dress," she said.

My heart leaped. I reached for her brassiere. It was dark red with gold fringe. I couldn't guess how large her lovely breasts were, but I instantly knew that her brassiere was a d-cup. I guess being a clothier does have it's advantages. I picked it up and tried to help her put it on.

Ms. Nuit took it from my hands and put it on herself. She pressed her brassiere to her tits, not bothering at all to wipe herself first. She smeared my come into her body and I felt that once again she was taking something of me away for later use. Ms. Nuit did turn around and let me fasten her clasp for her. My fingers brushed her skin and I was grateful for that little touch.

I next helped her with her blouse but this time I didn't get to touch her at all.

"You have too much space," Ms. Nuit said. "Get some furniture or something."

"I'm planning on buying some stone for a sculpture," I said. "I'll need the space."

Ms. Nuit snorted. The nails, the humiliating words and perpetual teasing didn't hurt me nearly as much as that mocking snort. "I'll beleive it when I see it," she said.

She left my apartment. I sat down in the chair and took a deep breath. Her spicy scent filled me. My cock was still throbbing and my balls were still sore. I was tempted to masturbate again but what she said bothered me. She didn't beleive I was ever going to work on my sculpture. It should have made me angry but I felt like she was right. I would rather look at her tits. I would rather feel her nails on my skin. I would rather be used by her.

This weekend, I swear I am going to go stone shopping.

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